Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finally Folder Lock by D4N1 version 1.0.0 released!! =)

Hello Fellas,

I have finally managed to release the very first version of my very own FolderLock Program for Windows.

Before you download, please note these:

-The correct way to use this program is:
  + Installing this program
  + Copying the executable found in the Installation Location to the location      where you want to keep the locked folder
  + Launching the program and using it

- This program is not for commercial use.

- This program comes with no warranties or guarantees and I am not    responsible for any negative outcomes of using this program

- This program is not portable, meaning that this program cannot be    functional in any removable     storage devices. Use this program in your    computer and the Locker folder on your system would be locked so long  as you do not try this with any other OS installations

The Minimum System Requirements for this program is:
 +Atleast Windows XP
 +Atleast 256MB of Ram
 +1.2 GHz CPU
 +5MB free space on disk

The Recommended System Requirements for this program is:
 +Atleast Windows Vista
 +Atleast 512 MB of Ram
 +1.2 GHz CPU
 +5MB free space on disk

So Fellas, please try this out and let me know what you think of this.

And I have an opportunity for anyone who is good with Photoshop. (You could replace the hideous lock image in the Program ;) ) and yes, ofcourse there would be credits for you! :)

Download Now (Installer version)
Download Now (Stand-alone version)

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome to DaniSoft

                          Hello there! Before we begin, let me introduce a bit! I am novice software developer dedicated to bringing you fine, free software of great quality. I do not charge anybody to pay for anything. No trials and no payments and absolutely no limitations is my motto. However to keep on the development of fine software I need quality technical stuff, so a donation is very much appreciated from any of you, no matter how small it is.
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